NEW FOR 2021!

Spyder Frame

K-Hart is excited about the all new “Spyder”. It is going to be a game changer in the disk opener world.

Announcing the new frame design K-Hart has been developing. It resolves so many issues that our frames in the past and other frame competitors have been struggling with.

K-Hart Spyder frame

The NEW K-Hart Spyder Frame (new color!)

K-Hart Spyder frame


This picture shows how the frame folds up in transport. It folds up inverted. What does this gain? Narrower transport widths. Our 66′ and 60′ frames are no wider than the duals on the air seeder cart: 18′ wide. Our 76′ does have to be wider due to its size but even with this, we shaved off 2′ in width compared to our current design of the Gen II. Our 40′ 3-plex frames are 14′ 4″ wide.

Opener Linkage

In this video, you will see how our opener linkage works. In the field, the two row of disks work very close together. For service and setting, they open up to leave room to adjust or service. This is definitely a game changer. The front row will be able to be locked up if you only want to use the back row for seeding, for example, seeding soya beans. Row spacings offered are from 7 1/2″ to 12″. Mid row banders are also available on its own lift system so they can be out of the ground if not required. For example, seeding pulses.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!!