K-Hart Independent Packers vs Gang Style Packers

K-Hart Independent Packers:

  • No matter how uneven your seed bed, K-Hart independent packers will stay packing 100% of the time, which helps to ensure even germination.
  • Each K-Hart packer features a swivel bracket which better enables packing each seed row, when turning around sloughs, trees or headlands.
  • K-Hart packers will out pack any other mounted airseeder packer on the market.

Gang Style Packers:

  • Gang packers ride on the high seed rows, bounce over rocks and straw bunches. It doesn't allow all packers to touch the ground, contributing to uneven germination.
  • Gang packers do not follow the seed rows when turning by sloughs, trees and headlands.
  • Cultivator weight is required to get all wheels in the gang packer closer to the ground, sacrificing cultivator performance.


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