Why choose K-Hart Double Disk Openers

1. Why choose disk openers over knife openers or spoons for direct seeding?

Disk openers (PROS) Knife openers/spoons (CONS)
Low horsepower requirement Higher horsepower requirement
Lower fuel costs Higher fuel costs
Higher seeding speeds while still maintaining a smooth soil seed bed Higher seeding speeds leave the seedbed very rough relating to higher repair bills for following field operations by traveling over rough ground.
Cannot pull up rocks Great at pulling up rocks
Seed through high standing stubble. Can use combine stripper headers or straight cutter headers and cut as high as you like. No restrictions. Monitor how high you cut with your combine header. As a rule of thumb you should not cut any higher than the width or spacing of your seeding tool.
Seed with the least amount of soil disturbance reducing the potential of germination of weed seeds Promotes more weed germination than a disc opener
Seed into vine crop stubble with no hang-ups Example: pea stubble Vines hang on to openers causing bunching in the field.
Seed into wetter soil conditions Need drier soil conditions to prevent plugging of openers

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2. Why choose K-Hart double disk openers over competitors' double disk openers?

K-Hart double disk openers Competitors' double disk openers
206 series double roll ball bearings with triple lip seals on both inside and outside Improved design, better than using tapered roller bearings. Smaller, inferior single ball bearing with single lip or double lip seal. They use small 204 or 205 series bearings.
The largest and best-protected bearing system in the industry. Besides the triple lip seal protecting both sides of the bearing, you now have the option of greasing this bearing once a year if you so choose. Inferior single ball bearing with single lip or double lip seal. They use small 204 or 205 series bearings.
¾" offset leading blade which allows the opener to cut through residue and soil better than nose to nose blades Nose to nose blades, Greatly increased the chance of hair pinning.
16" & 17" Heavy Duty blades made with the latest technology and material available to ensure long lasting durability. 14" or sometimes 15" lighter material blades.
Largest selection of packers on the market Limited packer choices
Built Heavy Duty, specifically designed for no-till conditions but can also work in pre-worked ground Designed more for lighter duty no-till work.

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3. Why choose K-Hart double disc openers over single disk openers?

K-Hart double disk openers Competitors' single disk openers
K-Hart disk openers have a less complicated design having fewer moving parts More moving parts. Depth wheels etc.
Easier to change seeding depths with one frame cylinder stop To change seeding depths, each opener has to be individually adjusted
Can work no-till and pre-worked ground Single disk openers have problems keeping the disk turning in loose soils
Less horsepower required for blades to roll straight ahead Single disk openers run on angles requiring more horsepower
Minimum residue disturbance Most single disk openers use a side depth wheel. This wheel pulverizes the soil it rides on, making the soil prone to wind erosion

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