K-Hart Model 4612

Model 4612 is our latest parallel link design. We have combined all the top features of all previous K-Hart parallel link models in to the new 4612 series. Model 4612 now features a parallel trip linkage giving way for straight up and down travel of 10 inches and can be adjusted to six different down pressure settings without tools. Simply pulling down on a T-handle and sliding the main down pressure spring to the desired hole, down force pressure on the blades can be adjusted from 120 lbs. to over 800 lbs. in order to match different soil conditions.

The newly designed K-Hart deluxe packer is what really sets us ahead of competitor’s disk openers. First, with no tools, packer depth can be adjusted in ½ inch increments for controlling the depth at which the disks will be placing the seeds. The packer assembly also offers another K-Hart exclusive design. When in working position, the packer assembly rests against an adjustable cam stop to give positive disk depth control. However, in spots where the opener rises to go over a rock, the packer is spring loaded in the opposite direction and stays on the ground maintaining packing pressure. This spring loaded packer force is also adjustable from 20 pounds to 150 pounds. The packer assembly can either swivel or be restricted from swiveling. A variety of packer wheels are available - click here to view the options.

We would also like to bring to your attention to disk size and disk bearings. We offer 16 inch diameter disks and the disk openers that travel in the tractor wheel marks, has 17 inch disks. The disks are larger than most competitors, allowing longer field life before they will need replacing. Right hand and left hand blade arrangements ensure that the drill tracks squarely down the field.

What really sets us apart from other disk openers is our bearing design that supports our disks. Our 5206 series bearing is a triple lip sealed bearing that now has the additional capacity of being greased if the customer chooses to do so. This is accomplished by having grease journal inside our cast hub and an external. When we say the bearing can now be greased, we mean once a year; and you cannot hurt our bearing by over greasing it. Greasing once a year should allow this bearing to last forever. For the customers that choose not to grease, this bearing will still give several years of maintenance free service.

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