K-Hart Model 3612

Model 3612 is a simple specifically designed double disk no-till openers which rotates on a 1 inch chrome shaft located in the mount cap for tripping when obstacles are encountered, having up to 12” of obstacle clearance. A minimum of 80 lbs. to a maximum of 550 lbs. of force can be set for blade down pressure ensuring that you have a wide range of pressure settings for varying soil conditions.

When it works so well, why change? Model 3612s offer the exact same blade configurations, benefits and options as Model 4612s.

A basic spring loaded packer ensures the seed is packed and off to a healthy start. Packer wheels on this basic packer have the option of swiveling or being locked solid. We now offer, as an option, the deluxe packer from our 4612 series as an upgraded option for Model 3612. A variety of packer wheels are available - click here to view the options.

You just can’t find a simpler, yet more effective, direct seeding disk opener on the market.

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